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10 months ago

E158 Danielle Pingert

Loving Cocktail Culture

This weeks guest is Danielle Pingert who joins the show from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Danielle has been in the service industry for fifteen plus years. Danielle’s first bartending job was at a hotel bar where she learned the basics as well as speed and efficiency. At this point, Danielle fell in love with the Industry. Danielle eventually moved on to work at a high end cocktail lounge where she studied and learned the cocktail culture and its history. From there, the cocktail culture world expanded for Danielle. Seeing as there is so much more than just pouring drinks, Danielle started building connections with guests and coworkers and providing an experience unique to each customer.

After mastering speed and classic cocktails, Danielle discovered the world of cocktail competitions. Danielle has competed in numerous competitions that have included Bombay, Makers Mark and Belvedere plus many others. With competition bartending, there was always something new to learn and that is what Danielle loved the most. The challenges were motivating for Danielle.

One of Danielle’s proud accomplishments was having the last bar she managed make the list for Tales Of The Cocktail Top 50 Best International Hotel Bars. Danielle also had the opportunity to design and help open a lounge in the Alt Hotel, where she is currently managing.

"The industry is a community that I’m very proud to be a part of, there's an unspoken liquid language that we all understand." - Danielle Pingert








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