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11 months ago

E156 Roger Watson and Elissa Dunn

Life As A Private Chef

This weeks episode is a 2 part show. In the first part of the show - Roger Watson - a highly acclaimed chef now working as a private chef joins us from Indianapolis, Indiana. Roger was born and raised in Doncaster in South Yorkshire in England. Roger started cooking in 2001 while still in high school when he landed a job at a local restaurant in his home town. Roger eventually enrolled in a hospitality program as Doncaster college. However, Roger left Doncaster college early before graduating after being told he would not achieve anything by leaving school early. As a result, this was the motivation Roger needed to fuel his career.

Roger eventually moved to Manchester to further his career by woking at Raymond Blanc's restaurant - while also mentoring under head chef Simon Stanley. This prepared Roger for his eventual move to London where he worked under several noted chefs and restauranteurs such as Gordon Ramsey, Tom Aikens, and Bibendum. While working in London, Roger also cooked for visiting US Presidents and for the Royal Family.

In 2013, Roger got his break in to the private chef industry when he worked for a Ukrainian billionaire - cooking for his family of 4 and staff. This was at the most exclusive address in the world - Number 1 Hyde Park, London.

In 2015, Roger moved to Memphis, Tennessee to continue his career as a private chef. Since 2019, Roger is now a private chef for an ultra high net worth family in Indiana and loving his life!

In the second part of the show - Elissa 'HellQueen' Dunn returns to the show. Elissa discusses rebranding from The BadassBartender to HellQueen Cocktails. Elissa discusses how this change came about and the process involved in the rebrand. You can find Elissa's on Instagram @hellqueencocktails








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