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E128 Cristina Robles and Bonus Segment with Elissa Dunn

Lady Tequila

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In the first and main part of this episode, we are joined by Cristina Robles. Also known as "Lady Tequila", Cris was born in Guadalajara Mexico. With a degree in gastronomy-chef, including food and beverage administration, Cris is also a sommelier and a certified tequila expert. Her sixteen years in the industry include five years at Altos Brand Ambassador for Mexico and then as Global Advocacy Coordinator for House of Tequila at Pernod Ricard. Having been in charge of tasting, speaking and presenting at international bar shows, Cris was nominated 3 years in a row for Bartenders Awards Mexico's "Best Ambassador." Cris is passionate about bartender advocacy and sharing her "tequila love." Check Cris out on Instagram @ladytequila_

For the second and bonus part of the episode, Elissa Dunn returns on a new recurring segment that will appear every few weeks. Elissa currently resides in Phoenix Arizona. Check Elissa out on Instagram @the.badass.bartender




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