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1 year ago

E134 Raven Mina and Elissa Dunn

Craft Cocktailing In California

This week we have another 2 part episode. In the first part of the episode Raven Mina joins the show from Los Angeles California. Raven got her start bartending in Riverside California while she was still in school. Raven originally worked as a server and bar back, but once she was given the chance to become a bartender and create cocktails, she fell in love with the craft and you now find her working at Death and Co in Los Angeles as well as Native Son. In her downtime between the two jobs, Raven always finds time to play Dungeons and Dragons with her friends every week as well as spending time immersed in RPG video games.

In the second part of this episode, the Badass Bartender Elissa Dunn returns for another chat. Elissa discusses her viral video success and how this led to a substantial increase in social media followers.







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