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A Discussion with People Who Have Made A Career of Working In The Service Industry.
1 year ago

E155 Danielle Crowley

Drinking With Dani

This weeks guest is Danielle Crowley who joins us from Whistler, BC. A very passionate and creative bartender, Dani is originally from Aurora Ontario and has been in the industry for over a dozen years now.

Dani has worked in multiple facets of the industry from golf courses, cafes, nightclubs, train travel service and everything in between. Dani has also started competing in cocktail competitions and was crowned the Giffard West Cup Canadian National Champion in 2022 and was a semifinalist at Diageo World Class.

Currently, Dani is bartending at The Raven Room - a craft cocktail bar in Whistler where she slings drinks, creates seasonal menus and hosts cocktail workshops.







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