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4 months ago

E170 Louise Wilson Cormier

Wilco Fine Beverage

Louise Wilson Cormier Master of Wine

During her 30+ years of industry experience, Louise Wilson Cormier has specialized in sales, marketing, export, procurement, retail and hospitality. Today, she is the owner of Wilco Fine Beverage, an Ontario-based beverage alcohol agency and one of 10 Masters of Wine located in Canada.

A Master of Wine, also known as an MW, is a beverage industry professional who has exceptional expertise in the wine business. To become a member of the Institute of Master of Wine, each candidate must pass a rigorous exam as well as adhere to a code of conduct. The exam, which was first written in 1953, tests the candidate’s knowledge of wine theory, their tasting ability and requires the completion of an original research paper. There are currently 414 Masters of Wine based in 31 countries around the world.

Louise is passionate about creating new and exciting taste experiences for consumers. The Wilco Fine Beverage portfolio is centred around wines with a point of difference and based on the foundations of innovation, value across all price segments and excellence.


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