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6 months ago

E162 Mila Chernii

Following Your Passion

This weeks guest is Mila Chernii. Mila joined us for the interview from her temporary home in Barcelona, Spain. Mila was born and raised in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. Mila is the co-founder and co-owner of NightHawks bar in Vinnytsia. Mila is also the Chief Editor of Barout Media and an Ambassador for BARTA Tools (Ukrainian designed and crafted tools for bartenders in Spain. **

Prior to opening NightHawks, Mila spent over a decade in management, human resources, marketing and social media. Mila also owned a Social Media Marketing agency and a coffee shop and bakery. After 3 years of dropping the phrase “Let’s open a bar!” - Mila and her friends did just that and opened NightHawks!

Mila is very passionate about the bar industry as she has spent the last several years as an active member and guest of numerous industry events, both working and delivering talks. Some of the events include the following:

Speaker of Ukrainian Bar Science School. **Speaker of Athens Bar Show 2022. ** Speaker of Mirror Hospitality Expo 2023.

Mila’s personal motto: “Drink Better - Not More!”



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