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4 months ago

E154 Christen LaRochelle

The Booze Hustle

This weeks guest is Christen LaRochelle. A professional booze hustler for over 20 years, Christen started working in the restaurant and hospitality industry at 13 years old and segued those skills into a career in the wine and spirits supply and distribution world. Today, you'll find Christen managing a portfolio of fine wine and craft spirits in the Northeast and regularly leading educational events for consumers and trade partners alike.

In her spare time, Christen is attempting to validate the money she spent on her journalism degree by producing and hosting a wine and spirits podcast, called The Booze Hustle where she has interviewed guests like actor John Malkovich, bartending legend Dale Degroff and winemakers like Master of Wine, Nova Cadamatre.

Christen has advanced certifications in wine (WSET 3) and is in the process of obtaining her advanced spirits certification.


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