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2 months ago

E164 Dave Nitzel and Dave Domzalski

Hospitality DNA

This week we are joined by Dave Nitzel and Dave Domzalski - who are successful hospitality coaches, entrepreneurs and authors. Most recently, Dave and Dave released a book that they co-authored titled “Hospitality DNA”. Dave and Dave interviewed elite and award winning industry talent from around the globe to find out how they operate in the bar and restaurant business. Together with the interviews and their own research, Hospitality DNA is a compilation of story telling chapters of great challenges and achievements woven into meaningful business lessons.

Dave and Dave have also published another award winning book several years ago titled “The Bar Shift” - a compilation of best practices for managing your bar and restaurant specifically targeting concepts and processes that will improve results and work-life balance.

Dave and Dave run a joint hospitality consulting venture - Dave and Dave Hospitality - you can find more information on their website


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