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3 months ago

E173 Devon Trevathan

Liba Spirits

Devon Trevathan is the cofounder and co-owner of Liba Spirits, a nomadic distilling company. After living in Taiwan for a year, Devon returned to the states and got her start in the distilling industry at Corsair Distillery in Nashville, Tennessee. Devon has held a variety of positions in the Industry from beverage alcohol–spirits journalist, brand ambassador, bartender, server, marketing consultant, tour guide, wine retail manager, that person at the party who talks way too much about what you have in your glass. Now, Devon is the cofounder of an exceptionally unique and ambitious distilling company in which she and her business partner Colton Weinstein travel all over the globe, renting space in different distilleries to distill their own spirits. Above all, she is a human, flawed and rushed at times, who would nevertheless love to meet up for a drink!








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