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10 months ago

E157 Keely Rollheiser and Yelena Anter

Finding Your Groove

This week we have another 2 part episode. The first interview is with Keely Rollheiser and Yelena Anter of Cocktail Vision returns to close out the episode with our second interview.

In the main part of the show - our first guest is Keely Rollheiser - Keely is originally from Chilliwack BC but recently moved to Providence, Road Island. Keely started her career in the Industry at age 19 when she landed a job at a corporate chain restaurant. Within six months of getting hired, Keely became the bar manager. Keely loved the pressure of performing like she had something to prove. As Keely puts its “it was sort of a baptism by fire”, and she found her groove quickly.

A few years into Keely’s career, she wanted the freedom to be more creative than the corporate structure could provide her. Keely started working for a family owned and new restaurant. Keely found this to be an amazing experience opening a new spot and being able to put her personal flair on the bar and make it her own. Keely also found the process to be very humbling starting from scratch and finding what worked through trial and error. Keely loved being able to create seasonal menus and experiment with local ingredients.

Two years later, Keely moved to Cork, Ireland, with her husband where he was finishing his degree and she quickly immersed herself into the Irish bar culture! Keely helped open a really unique cocktail bar in the middle of the city. The bottom floor was a speakeasy with a lounge feel, and the upstairs was a full on nightclub. Keely loved working and collaborating on menus with bartenders that had different ideas, experiences and ingredients than she was used to.

Keely recently relocated to Providence, Rhode Island and is excited to see where her career in the Industry will take her next!

Yelena Anter - joins us from Las Vegas Nevada. Yelena is the driving force behind Cocktail Vision - an online platform that guides you through your journey in the cocktail and spirits world with recipes, products and consulting advice.


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