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1 year ago

E141 Meredith Barry

This weeks guest is Meredith Barry who joins us from St Louis, Missouri. Meredith Ann Barry was immersed within the hospitality industry at an early age, her father placing her to work in the country club that he managed some time ago. Although she held many roles throughout her time there, the excitement of creating drinks for others to imbibe seduced Meredith. From the humble beginnings of mini bottles and Island Oasis Pina Coladas, to creating craft cocktails at one of the top bars in the city of Chicago it has always been about giving a genuine experience. Meredith believes in the power of acting, speaking, leading, and being consistent in expectations, commitments, and passions to those around her—whether at home or in the work place. Meredith is forged in the heat of passion for the love, respect, validation and commitment to every individual who walks through the door.

In Chicago, Meredith has worked at Ombra, Sable, and Volume 39. She was the national champion of Compass Box’s Scotch Competition in 2018 and an national finalist in the Gra’it Grappa Competition in 2017.

Meredith is the co-owner of the bar Platypus in St Louis, Missouri and has also appeared as a contestant on Drink Masters on Netflix.

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